History of Church

International Revival Tabernacle, Inc. N.Y.

The history of International Revival Tabernacle, Inc. is a long and glorious one.  The early pioneers were faced with a myriad of hardships.  They were faced with segregation where political rights were not for every man, and where few lines of communication existed between the races.  Many churches were segregated.  Despite all these difficulties, the courage and faith in God by our late Pastor Ernest E. Trueblood Sr. and his beloved wife, Phyllis Trueblood helped to develop the foundation for other future generations.

The idea of an integrated and not a segregated church was birthed.  After all, heaven will be a place for people of all races.  International Revival Tabernacle, N.Y. was established  November 19, 1962.  The services were first held in a storefront church in Eastern Pkwy, of Brooklyn, N.Y. with a hand full of people.  Shortly after, the church moved to a bigger location on Pitkin ave. of Brooklyn, N.Y.  Under the direction and guidance of our Lord the late Pastor Ernest E. Trueblood Sr. was inspired along with members of the church to purchase the present ediface at 2260 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.  The church continued to grow to present with spirit-filled members who have embraced this ministry.

The membership has continued to grow because the Word of God is preached in season and out of season, therefore having the truth presented to the members at all times.

International Revival Tabernacle, N.Y. was incorporated in 1962.  It is a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York.  Due to many years in the vineyard rendered by Pastor Ernest E. Trueblood Sr. and his beloved wife, he was blessed to have raised his son in the Gospel, Rev. Edwin Guisao who continues to work on the foundation that has been laid by the Lord through the late Pastor Trueblood Sr.  The mantle was passed on to Pastor Edwin Guisao who now serves as the Senior Pastor and CEO of International Revival Tabernacle Inc., N.Y.  We know God WILL continue to take this ministry to another level "From Glory to Glory as we carry out the vision assigned to THIS HOUSE.