Topic For The Season

Get Rid Of The Junk!

As we explore the subject, ” Get Rid Of The Junk “ let us  seek to live The Simple Life.  At times our lives can get ” cluttered “ and  ” tangled up “ with things that hurt us more than help us.  Just like a garage or a storage closet can collect unnecessary ” junk,” our lives can do the same over time….attitudes that are more negative than positive, behavior that is more destructive than constructive, emotions from the past that continue to plague the present….just to name some of the ” junk” we collect.

Today, is your heart “cluttered “ or “clean? “  Is your mind filled with conflicting noise or clear direction? Is your conscience clear or cloudy?  Are your actions reflecting more of Jesus or more of the world’s system?  Tough questions I know, but needed questions to ask nonetheless.  Jesus wants the ” junk “ out so we can live free and full lives in His Kingdom.

What will it take to get rid of the ” junk ” that “clutters “ our lives?  One word: CHANGE.  When King David realized that his life had become “cluttered “ with the ” junk “ of sin, he cried out to God, ” Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” (Psalm 51: 12)  Restore= CHANGE, Salvation= CHANGE.  Willing Spirit= CHANGE. King David cried out, ” CHANGE me! “  He knew  this was the key to getting rid of the ” junk “ within.

We need God to change us.  We need Him to CHANGE the ” junk “ within into the sweet aroma of His presence and power.  He said in His word that our calling is to be Changed into His likeness ( 2 Corinthians 5: 17 )… a CHANGE that requires us to ” Get Rid Of The Junk! “  May we do it today!

In HIS Service, Pastor Ed Guisao